Drench Introduces A Range Of New Shower Enclosures

A recent announcement from Drench Showers has given those looking to add a new decorative element to their bathroom something to look forward to. The company announced the release of Drench MATT shower collection with a new style, each offering a unique look that will add an original touch to any bathroom.

Let’s take a closer look at the new Drench Showers range of enclosures and the different styles and colors that you can choose from.

Styles To Choose From

The most exciting part of the new launch from the Drench brand is the different styles of enclosures that customers are able to choose from. Each of these styles offers a unique element that can be added to the bathroom – and the company has ensured that there is definitely something to suit every type of bathroom, with 12 different colour finishes, 8mm Glass in a variety of options namely Fluted Glass, Grey Tinted & Frosted Glass. The BORDER Collection panels are also available in 6 different metallic finishes.

Border Collection

The first style comes in the form of a minimalistic design. The design is known as the Drench Showers Border MATTE Fixed Panel Screen and is available in 12 different colors and 6 metallic finishes. This option comes with a minimalistic border design.



For those looking for something a little less minimal, the Suzhou range of shower enclosures offers a Japanese-style framework. The frame takes elements from a traditional screen that are often used as room dividers in Japan – which is a perfect addition to bathrooms that focuses on a more exotic appearance.


Hexagon Collection

The Hexagon collection features unique shapes that are featured on top of the shower screen. An asymmetric style with six-sided hexagon shapes is used on the doors, providing an attractive and modern approach to the design of a shower. The collection comes in all of the color varieties that have been introduced by the Drench showers.


Frame lite

The last of the styles that customers can now select from is the Frame Lite series.      These enclosures take a modern approach to a minimalistic design, features a relatively thin border.


In addition to giving the customer an opportunity to choose from these excellent styles, Drench also announced that they will be offering additional support bars that can be added to the purchase. These support bars, when ordered alongside the enclosure, will feature a finish and color that perfectly matches the shower screens that the customer decided to buy.

A Wide Range Of Color Options

The fact that Drench has introduced three different styles for their new range of shower enclosures is not the only exciting feature to be noted – the company also announced that the shower enclosures, along with the frameworks, will be available in a wide range of color options.

The border ranges that are offered as part of the new shower enclosures come in six different metallic finishes. These finishes are based on brassware collections, as well as other modern tap designs that have started to trend in recent times. A brushed metal option is also available, which comes in steel, chrome, bronze, and brass finishes.

The collection of MATTE screens are made available in 12 different colors – all of these colors feature a matte finish.


The latest range of enclosures from the Drench showers ranges gives you the ability to add a colored matte screen to your shower. The company announced a wide range of color options that you can choose from, along with multiple styles to provide a better fit to the specific style that you are trying to achieve in the bathroom.